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Stay healthy without denying yourself in salty
  • Helps to reduce weight and reduce puffiness
  • Saturates the body with micro- and
    macroelements, including iodine
  • Reduces the risk of hypertension and other diseases of the
    cardiovascular system
How can we influence our future?
We can maintain our health with the help of healthy habits and nutrition control. As a result, we get a healthy body, excellent health and energy for future achievements.
About the product
Have you ever thought about how you can stay healthy without denying yourself salty food? Now we know the answer to this question! We are glad to introduce you to the innovation in the field of healthy nutrition — Green Salt! Green Salt is a spice of completely vegetable origin, with a mild salty taste. It is made from the Salicornia plant grown in the Astrakhan region. Salicornia has a unique natural composition, including a complex of potassium, sodium and magnesium salts, which makes it a useful substitute for table salt. With Green Salt, you can more than halve your sodium chloride intake, and at the same time your favorite dishes will not become less salty.
  • The ability to eat salty food without negative consequences
    Normalization of the body's water-salt balance, which helps to reduce weight and reduce puffiness
  • Saturation of the body with micro- and macroelements, including iodine
  • Reducing the risk of hypertension and other diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • Enriching the body with vitamins and antioxidants
  • Gradual abandonment of a bad food habit - excessive salt intake
How does green salt differ from other salt
there are 3 types of salt substitutes on the market

Salt mixtures that do not contain salts

Often, under the guise of salt substitutes, the
consumer is offered various herbs and spices.
Of course, they will enrich the taste of your
dishes, but they will not make the food really
salty. Unlike our Green Salt, which will do.

Mixtures of mineral salts

Unlike artificially synthesized mixtures of
mineral salts, Green Salt is an absolutely
natural product in which salts are present in a
natural connection with the plant base. Due to
the content of vegetable fibers in Green Salt,
the amount of salt per unit mass of dry matter
in it is significantly less than in mixtures of
mineral salts. In addition, Green Salt contains
vitamins, micro- and macroelements necessary
for the human body.

Algae salts

Algae salts have a sharp characteristic smell
(mud, silt, rotting algae), which will spoil the
aroma and taste of the dish, make it less
appetizing. Unlike algae salt, Green Salt has a
neutral salty taste and does not have a
pronounced smell.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why replace table salt with Green Salt?
According to statistics, we consume sodium chloride (table salt) five times more than the
norm recommended by WHO. Replacing table salt with Green salt can significantly reduce the
consumption of sodium chloride. Reducing sodium chloride intake by at least 30% reduces
the risk of hypertension and other diseases of the cardiovascular system.
Why is Green Salt healthier than table salt?
Green salt contains a balanced complex of mineral salts of potassium, sodium and
magnesium, so the usual degree of salinity of dishes is achieved using less sodium chloride.
In addition, Green salt contains a set of useful vitamins, micro- and macronutrients.
What is Green Salt?
Green Salt is a vegetable salt substitute made from the Salicornia plant, which has a unique natural composition.

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